Scitec Vitargo

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Artnr: SKU173591
Tillverkare: Scitec Nutrition

The best carbohydrate
for energy and
glycogen loading
Vitargo® is a unique, patented high molecular
weight carbohydrate from Swedish
barley starch. It’s specially formulated for
elite athletes to provide a truly effective,
problem free carbohydrate energy source for performance enhancement and glycogen loading. Vitargo® has been
clinically tested and compared with other ordinary carbohydrate sport drinks. The results showed that Vitargo®
passes through the stomach 80% quicker, and that it replenishes muscle glycogen levels 70% faster! What it all
means is that:
· Vitargo® stays in the stomach for just a very short time and therefore does not cause discomfort during
physical activity.
· Vitargo® provides usable energy the fastest.
· Vitargo® does not pull water from the body's reserves, quite the opposite, it can actually increase your
hydration level by acting as a sort of a pump.
· Vitargo® guarantees the fastest and most complete glycogen loading!
· Vitargo® is significantly better than dextrose, maltodextrin, sucrose or any other kind of carbohydrate!
Flavors: unflavored, orange Sizes: 900 g – 30 servings

Artnr: SKU173591
Tillverkare: Scitec Nutrition