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Better Bodies Better Bodies Kinesology Tape

Färg: Black
Färg: Black
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Better Bodies Kinesology Tape

While kinesiology tape isn’t the cure-all it is a great supplement to your current training and rehab routine. If you experience severe pain or symptoms do not get better, it is important that you consult a medical professional. 

Material: High elastic tape made with natural cotton fibers, 100% flexible cotton, LATEX FREE 
Features: Glue is made of tree resin 
Use: For pain, sports injuries, rehabilitation, and to increase performance 
Provides stability to muscles and joints 

Size: 5 meter/pc 

Width: OS: 5cm (2″)

Artnr: 8100790002-001
Tillverkare: Better Bodies
EAN: 7332576090370
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Better Bodies Kinesology Tape
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